Titus the Fox

  • Categoría: Platform Games
  • Licencia: Freeware
  • Tamaño: < 1 KB
  • Sistema: w95 w98 wNT wME w2000 wXP Vista w7 w8
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Help Titus the fox save his true love in this classic platform game.

With the name of Titus the Fox, you will find one of the great classic games, which triumphed in the 1990s. Titus the Fox is a platform game, of the side-scrolling type, developed by Titus Interactive, and due to its development quality, its success soon spread throughout the world.

In Titus the Fox you will have to give life to a small fox, who must overcome hundreds of obstacles to find his beloved Suzy, who has been kidnapped. The game consists of a total of fifteen levels, where as the fox, Titus, you must dodge dogs, construction workers and giant bees, among many other creatures that will try to stop you from achieving your goal. Make no mistake, this is a real challenge.

To get to get to Suzy, you must dodge any obstacles that get in your way and throw the objects you find in the game screen, such as projectiles, at the intruders to get rid of them.

Although the game was designed for the game consoles of the time and works under the MS-DOS system, you can also enjoy the adventures of Titus the Fox by installing the game on an MS-DOS emulator like DOSBox.

Still don't know the game Titus the Fox? Then don't miss the opportunity to download it completely for free and you will soon understand how it quickly became a hit among the classics of gaming.

What are you waiting for? Download it now and let the fun begin!


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